The complete reconstruction of Runway 7R-25L and Taxiway A at McCarran Airport. Acme placed 397,500 square yards of 18” thick P-501 slip-form concrete paving. Three Gunert Zimmerman slip form pavers received concrete from two 400+ cy/hr Rex Model S portable batch plants. The paving was completed three weeks ahead of schedule. American Concrete Paving Association Silver National Award winner; 2010. 
McCarran International Airport 
Phase 6, RW 7R-25L

Prime contractor for the demolition of 3,000 feet of Runway 3-21, and raised its elevation approx. 5’. Acme placed 84,324 square yards of 17” thick P-501 concrete pavement for Runway 3-21 and nearby runup apron. The project was completed ontime and $500,000 under budget.
Spokane International Airport 
Line of Sight, Bid Package #2

Airfield Projects
Minot Air Force Base 
Runway 29 Keel Repair

A complete reconstruction of the keel section and the entire Runway 29 end section of the runway. This short season construction project began July 5th, and completed a day early on October 20th. Replacement of over 51,000 SY of PCCP, and associated shoulders, edge lighting, striping, and grooving.